2002 Honda CR-V Review

Today we take a look at a used 2002 Honda CR-V and look at the pros and cons of owning this SUV

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The 2002 Honda CR-V makes a great used car buy offering plenty of room in the back seats and front to carry the family on long road trips. 
The back opens up allowing excellent storage area for your camping gear or visiting your local hardware store to pick up supplys for your DIY project as the seats fold down giving you even more room.
If you can find them on the used market you might need to invest some cash to get a service done if required as its 17-18 years old things such as brakes, ac unit, struts and engine mounts could be in need of replacing. its hard to go wrong with the amount of space these older Honda CR-V’s have.


The 2002 Honda CRV with its original seats is rather comfortable both in the back and in the front one of the most problematic areas for cars is usually when your an adult sitting in the back. I am happy to report that the back seat of the CR-V is surprisingly comfortable with plenty of leg room and the adjustment of the rear seat allows you to get even more comfort for longer drives when rear passengers need to rest.

Overall the comfort offered in this car extends to getting in and out of the car being higher up makes this a lot easier for older drivers and passengers which is why SUV’s have become quite popular.

As a new driver I also felt quite comfortable driving this as my first car due to higher visibility over all making for a much safer drive. 


2002 Models go fairly cheap these days though cheap they are fun to drive and fairly good on fuel for their age. though you might need to invest a small to moderate amount into servicing if the car has not been serviced regularly and this could ramp up the initial expense after buying an older model car. example (Brakes, Struts, Engine Mounts, after market modern accessories.)


The 2002 Honda CR-V performs quite well and seems to have little hassles reaching highway speeds after doing a major service on ours the clutch now feels fantastic and shifts like a dream, cornering and turning arc seems spot on for the size of the car.

Aftermarket Options:

Older Honda CR-V’s have a lot of aftermarket parts and upgrade options that you can get for your car that can modernize the older cars from modern head units with gpus and touch screens to back up camera tech and new phone charging ports (including wireless charging.
We have featured some of the options just below.

Backup Camera


Pods & Roof Racks