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Reboot, Rebuild & Re-establish my website

Welcome is a blog maintained by Dean Barrett, an Australian music producer and gamer that has had various interests over the years learning about cars computers and DIY. my blog explores many of these topics to find stuff that interests me that others might find helpful when cleaning their cars, building computers or anything related to the it world of upgrading and saving money in the process. Welcome to my Blog and I hope the content I share helps you achieve your goal in DIY projects.

If you are just getting into the randomness of my blog I want to inform you I cover things such as Detailing and Reviving a Cars Carpet Interior using Aggressive Vacuuming & Fabric Softeners & Once Again Custom Building Computers that Run smoothly that don’t cost a fortune but you can always expand them to add more things that you want to the build to make the system truly yours.

Since I was recently detailing my old mans 10 year old car and my recently purchased used car I have some tips that may help you get your car back to a clean dealership look without breaking the bank.

Website Coding & Blogging is another interest of mine though not as serious as I thought I was going to be about it I wanted to make my blog more like a journal or reference point to link family members to read how to guides on things I have managed to figure out. so if there is a problem on their pc. or other area and I have figured out a way to deal with it for example converting lights inside your car from bolbs to leds and finding out which ones to get stuff like that with some detailed images on what I have found works well and what has not worked for me I will most likely share these findings on my blog.