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Upgrades: Keep Or Trash

Upgrades: Keep Or Trash

What to keep and what to upgrade!

Over the last few years I have been building and maintaining my own computers I got out of purchasing retail PC’s years ago as I got sick of being ripped off and having under performing hardware especially some of the limited OEM boards that generally ship out with brand name PC’s so i got into buying proper motherboards custom cases and cooling solutions to make sure things did not overheat during gaming and other tasks.

I also enjoyed building in a variety of computer cases to try and find what size cases could be the most practical for travel and play but the ITX or MATX offerings have come so far that it can be amazing just how much power you can fit inside a small case.
These days however I have stuck with a mid size ATX case that holds my permanent gaming pc installation but in future I do plan to have a high performing travel companion that can be hooked up at a friends place to game when needed.

One of the Hardest choices I make when building a computer is deciding what components to keep and what to replace because if you are still getting high end performance out of your old components then why would you replace it?

Graphics cards :

They can cost the most money in any PC build almost to the point where you debate even bothering upgrading. a couple of years ago I purchased a 1080ti founders edition card that has still not really reached its limits in the games that I play the only real upgrade for it was the 2080ti and its an extremely high cost to pay to get up to the next gpu so I plan to hold onto it till the next release or a significant discount happens.

Ram Upgrades:

Usually Ram upgrades are performed when purchasing a new board to support the New CPU’s with the current system I can get about 2-3 CPU Upgrades before looking at paying for another board so generally I will spend a lot of hours looking for the fastest and most stable kit available so that I do not have to worry about buying them again for some time. (usually 2 builds or until a generational leap that requires different modules.)


The Core Part of most computers is its power supply the higher quality you get the better it is for those expensive parts you have being powered by it.


CPU generally i try to get the most value to top performing chip so for example a multi core chip that can get more than I need done gives my system headroom for my music workload or gaming. leaving headroom for other services running on the system but it can really depend on my budget I also plan to pass it down through my family as I don’t hold onto them forever and need them to be reliable once they are handed down to family once I upgrade.