How to fit new Led lights in your old car.

Fitting New LED lights in your car


Fitting lights to your old cars interior can be a fun way to beef up the old car you might have just purchased or have owned for many years. there are a variety of led lights of different colors or stick with white or amber options to retain the classic or stock you may also find they use a lot less power too and tend to be a lot brighter than the old ones.

I recently just purchased a 2002 Honda CR-V as my first car and it needs a fair amount of work getting it to how I want it inside. so I started with some affordable LED LIGHTS that can be fitted in the same places where the old ones were placed using a lot less power and a lot brighter.

As I was looking around at the existing fixtures such as dome lights, map lights and the boot lights I had discovered that the old ones were blown so this was the time for me to grab a few off eBay and pick up some good deals.

Generally since these are interior lights that are replacing old Festoon bulbs I looked for Festoon LED Bulbs of the appropriate size. and while I tried to get the exact matching size to the bulb trial and error had me go down to much smaller bulbs than the 36-37mm stock ones that were in there to a size of 31mm which ended up fitting all of the slots in the car perfectly fine with no issues at all.

If you happen to fit the new bulbs the wrong way around try turning the festoons the other way and they should come on. be sure to fit them while switched off so you don’t trip a fuse. (we did with a wrong size festoon bulb )

Exterior Lights

I was being very careful with my choice of LED Lights for the exterior and I would advise checking whats advised with your local government regarding car exterior lighting to make sure you don’t get in trouble for fitting led lights on the exterior of your car.

I wanted to focus on only the small light fitments for now such as plate lights before looking at the headlights. I found some wedge led lights that were soft enough to light up the number plate in white and not anything else. in future i will be looking at reversing lights and headlights to make sure they are correctly aligned to not blind oncoming traffic but this will be a topic for another post.


Measure your old bulbs & if buying cheaper led options try smaller sizes first! (Some Led Lights have heat syncs on them which make them harder to fit the festoon slots so smaller sizes work better.

Prepare to buy multiple sets to find the right ones to suit your needs.
Some LED Lights are brighter than others and might be better suited to different areas of your car such as dome and boot areas. while map lights can be softer depending on your needs. the reason I suggest getting a few different brands to try is to make sure you find a brightness level that suits you. you may even want softer lowest wattage lights as your dome light with map lights as the brightest option to reduce power wasted opening and shutting doors! (Got Kids?) one of the things that makes LED lights so good is they can go a lot longer saving your cars battery.


Some cars may use the wedge style lights but ours uses the colder festoon bulbs

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