Buying My First Car!

Buying My First Car

The Good

Buying my first car was a challenging yet enjoyable experience but many things I did enjoy was finding cars in the used market that suited my needs and doing the research on quality used cars. Spending time doing learner driving lessons with my old mans car. instructors car and my car has been an interesting getting used to the feel of the different clutches on the manual transmissions and overall sedan, hatchback and suv cars so far.

I had a chance to think about which transmission I wanted and what sort of space I was looking for in a car. storage space for luggage and passengers when we go on distance trips shopping or family outings the SUV had the most comfortable space of the offerings allowing us room in the back to load up stuff from the hardware store, garden shop or the large grocery orders we needed to pick up.

Used cars such as Private and Dealership choices were considered on my purchase and due to a very limited budget we had to go with a private offering as the vehicle offered was too good to pass up at its price or so we thought. (More details on that later.)

After purchasing our first car we went through the car and detailed everything inside with a vacuum cleaner and a lot of cleaning agents pulling up carpets and cleaning under the floors where needed to remove animal hairs and small particles and rocks and cleaned everything else.


The good thing about choosing a used car and getting one reasonably low priced was to get affordable Insurance for our car we wanted to minimize the insurance cost on the car as it adds up fast when you start factoring in the repairs, maintenance and fuel costs keeping the car on the road.
Third Party Coverage was the most affordable option for our car as full comprehensive at-least for now is too expensive to worry about since the cars market value is only 3200. even if we spent more than that fully restoring the car throughout we are not sure if anything changes there as new car owners what matters for us is that its safe reliable and can get us by till we can pick up a newer model or a second car in future that is a little newer.

Getting insurance as a learner driver was not quite as easy as we wanted to get insured and not have our parents copping the Excess bill should something go wrong. some companies are much more expensive for excess then others especially for learner drivers. some charge 1600 and others may only charge up to 1100. once you are on your P Plate the excess would drop considerably.

Affordable Car To Add Modern Tech & Lighting!

Buying this older car gave me a chance to look into navigation touch screens led lighting and the potential to upgrade the headlights to a LED Headlight for long distance travel. so adding things seems to be fairly easy.

Co-Funded Purchase & Repairs
One of the more important factors with this car is that its actually owned by myself and my brother which is whats helping cover the costs of repairs to have it ready by next year when we have our license to drive. we are co funding new tyres and on going costs so this has helped get things going in terms of repairs, purchasing and keeping the car fueled.
When investing in a used car its good to have 2 owners of a car that are equally good at driving so we opted to co own one car initially and get any service work done on the car before we plan any long trips next year with it. once we get a second car we may switch ownership’s or just share responsibilities of owning them to keep the maintenance up.

The Bad

I purchased a manual transmission car that appeared to be in good working order only to learn after a professional service was done on the car that it had underlying problems from the clutch down to the front and rear struts, serious oil leak (we thought was minor) and a coolant leak. what started out as a 3200 purchase has already cost an additional 1000 just to get the service to fix the leaks and put new oils in the car.

We also discovered that the condenser for the AC was missing which potentially means the AC Compressor could be also broken costing another 600-1000 to replace. :/

We will get this car up to good working order however and finish getting everything working. its a great compact SUV and should last us for many adventures in QLD at-least while I will be saving for a second car.

It is just a shock to see the process buying this car then start having a heap of problems shortly after taking ownership I hope things improve as since buying it the leaking oil and other issue has since been resolved hope the new clutch does not set us back too much.

What I Could Have Done Better?

Because this was our first car we seen the SUV and all the space and purchased the car without fully checking out the motor for oil leaks and other things which could have saved us money down the line when we could have got a newer model of the same car for less had we gone to Brisbane. we paid more money for the older model simply because it was closer to us and the person selling the car was kind enough to show us the car and give us a test drive. I could have looked at other cars in the area at the same price but there was not enough options available the closest to this CRV was an older model which we felt was too old to invest in the 2002 model had a better motor and nicer interior.

We plan to have everything fixed on this car to make it as good as we can it was just a little more than we expected having to replace the AC, Struts, Sway Bar & Other Issues but when the work is done we will be rewarded with a reliable car that should get us by for another 100-200 thousand KM hopefully as we don’t plan on thrashing this car we wanted to enjoy it for family drives and camping trips.

If we had the money aside we would have paid a mechanic to inspect the vehicle before purchasing the car to ensure the car was a good buy or not and this was one of the most challenging issues we faced as we thought a roadworthy would have cleared the car as safe for travel but some things managed to slip through showing up later, which leads me to think some form of stop leak was used in the engine to hide the leak. so if I had more cash i would have spent more getting independent mechanic to check over the car before buying. or gone through a dealership to get a purchase instead.

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