Moving House1 min read

A number of things I hate in life and moving house is one of them, this time after only just one year the owner has decided not to let his house out any longer and now its time to move. hopefully, I will be back up to speed with my internet as I will be back down to mobile network till the internet service is restored.

It’s been an interesting year lots of changes, getting into stand up paddleboarding and a new MMO Game to keep me interest

Paddleboarding has been quite fun the chop is a lot flatter than what was pictured above its extremely flat these days with a very mild chop and I cleared a 7km Paddleboarding session between Enzos and the edge of Torquay on the esplanade being still fairly new to it I thought I did rather well.

While moving house can be daunting I guess its a good time to clean up old stuff that I no longer need and sort out what’s worth keeping. Sometimes it is just an un-enjoyable process as I have to move a lot of stuff and in future I plan to own a car that should help with a lot of the moving and reduce some of the costs of hiring removal services.