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Dean's Music & Tech Blog for his up & coming projects scroll down for music videos and more or click the blog link to read the latest posts!

Music Production

I love creating music and prefer to work with:


Digital Audio Workstation (Music Software)

I prefer to compose music using a wide range of music production software such as Mixcraft, Acid Pro, Studio One 3 or FL Studio. Learn more...


Royalty Free Samples

I often worked with Royalty Free samples in the past creating a lot of DJ style mixes that were produced for licensing opportunities but in the more recent years I have moved to VST and Midi to write my own progressions. Learn more...


Unique Styles

EDM, Dubstep & Trance Music
I have a passion for electronic dance music so have pretty much always been inspired to create and work with dance music in most of my productions however recently I have learned more towards Ambient Dubstep. Learn more...

Latest Music Releases

Reaching The Stars

'Reaching The Stars' Produced by Dean & Micheal Barrett, grab your copy from!
Working with Micheal Barrett was loads of fun as we worked extensively to produce this mix. Learn more...


'Wicked' Produced By Micheal Barrett, Dubstep/Chillout Track Offering a new style to the DJ Mar N Dean Song Catalog.
Micheal is the youngest member of the team and has continued to impress over the years. Learn more...

2017 Episode 001

2017 Episode 001 features some tracks produced throughout the year creativity has been rather slow this year with a lot going on but the team put this one together as a promo showcasing different styles of music! Learn more...

Web Design

When it comes to web design:


No Coding

I prefer a minimalist approach to coding focussing on front end visual editors however I do enjoy visiting the code editor from time to time to pick up new skills and learn about Bootstrap Learn more...


Mobile Optimized

With Front End Developer tools these days I have a very easy way to customize sites to suit my needs so making mobile friendly sites is a breeze. Learn more...


Unique Styles

When I need to take things a little further and apply custom code to my projects I sometimes add modified code to HTML sites but I tend to keep it simple when working with wordpress. Learn more...

My Custom PC Builds

I focus on these aspects when building my own custom PC's.



My Custom Built PC Needs to meet a budget goal due to the rising costs of graphics cards I have had to shop around to get decent GPU's for a build there can only be so many tradeoff's on a build so I prefer to take the best parts I can afford and apply those parts to hit either a good mid range motherboard or affordable top tier options it can be difficult but its worth the wait. Learn more...


Low Maintenance

Low maintenance for me generally means not having to constantly reinstall windows all the time over buggy drivers or deal with constant cleaning within the case, so the right case for the job needs to be considered preferably one with ample dust filters!

Since the systems I build are geared towards project work and gaming long term performance is key maximizing my investment. Learn more...


Great Gaming Performance

When it comes to buying parts I don't just buy the cheapest parts that fit the affordable modo though I generally wait for a sale or period of time till a product drops in value enough to grab it a gaming cpu for example such as the Intel i7 8700K and the to be released 2700X are perfect options for a streamer and also have long life value. I trade off the advanced cooling solutions of custom waterloops and use a top of the line silent Noctua Cooler to make sure my systems perform at there peak without pushing too far over there rated clock speeds. (longevity is important to me . Learn more...

Get In Touch


Have a question regarding my music projects, blog, or system builds? Leave a message below and I will get back to you.


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