Music Back In Full Swing

Space Shimmer by DJ Mar N DeanShifting Sands EP by DJ Mar N Dean Returning to writing music.DJ Mar N Dean have been taking a well deserved break over the Christmas Holidays and working on coming up with a range of new release ideas for 2018Bandcamp has been one of our most loved self publishing Read More

Price of building computers in 2018

It seems the PC building hobby of mine will be short lived in 2018 with the rising cost of graphics cards and memory its making it harder for me to do builds on a budget to a point where I am seeking loan options just to get enough funds to cover the cost of memory Read More

2018 Gaming PC Build

Custom PC Green Expensive Memory Building this custom PC will be quite a challenge next year as I am waiting for prices of DDR4 memory to drop enough to make purchasing new sticks validI am aiming to shoot for approx 32 or 64 gb of ram overall for the system and at the time of Read More

2018 Year Prep

2018 is going to be an interesting year for me, moving house & getting settled will be the first few things that will surely happen in the beginnings of the new year. Getting myself setup and back on track with both my music and training will also strongly be a focus on getting my blog content up to speed. Read More

Coffee The Instant Kind

Coffee The Instant Kind My Experience With Instant Coffee Over the many years of having coffee in my life I have never managed to get a good tasting instant coffee using the standard granulated blends.  I got into properly brewing my coffee from home instead and have had many great tasting coffees that were not Read More

An Ever Changing Music Industry

An Ever Changing Music Industry 10 Years It seems lately quite a challenge to maintain an interest being an independent artist. I like writing music or doing EDM DJ style mixes just to satisfy my inspiration at times I'll listen to some great DJ's to get some of the inspiration from it seems these days Read More

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