Hi There, my name is Dean Barrett, I am a self taught music composer & website developer.
I have been involved in music production for over 10 years and love coming up with new songs for my albums.
When not doing music I am a website designer, working with modern tools to build my own personal websites with plans to study professional web design and offer that as a service.
I am well known for my music compositions found in music production libraries and regularly produce content to keep fresh new music being supplied to our publisher.
My web design work involves exit39.net working with a close friend to design and produce content for his website.

Dean Barrett

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"Talent Deserves To Be Heard"

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I am very pleased with the work Dean has done with my website so far.

Peter Tanico

MANAGER | exit39.net

Dean set my website up without any dramas, very friendly to talk to and fixed any issues I might have.


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